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Alpieagles Facts


AlpiEagles SpA
Via Enrico Mattei 1/C
c/o Centro Direzionale Valecenter
30020 Marcon (VE),
(0039) 041 599 77 77 , fax (0039) 041 599 77 07.

Billigflieger aus Italien

Bases : Napoli, Nizza, Verona

AlpiEagles was founded in 1979 at Thiene, with the name “Pattuglia Acrobatica AlpiEagles” (Alpi Eagles acrobatic team), and in 1987 began the “aerotaxi” activity mainly as a service for partners and Veneto entrepreneurs.
Following deregulation in the air transport sector, in June 1996 AlpiEagles began operating as a private carrier for regular national and international air transport from the two fitting-out bases of Venice and Verona.
In 1998 the company headquarters were transferred from Thiene to Marcon.

The Alpi Eagles mission is to operate as a regional carrier focused on a geographical reference market represented by the North-East. In this sphere, Venice airport, Italy’s number three stop-over for traffic volume, and with an annual growth rate above the national average, represents the most attractive fitting-out base for positioning and type of traffic. Alpi Eagles has identified and developed a market niche made of routes connecting the North-East of Italy to destinations in the South and in the Islands of Italy, becoming the best company as regards north-south direct routes. All this is done for the full satisfaction of travellers’ and businessmen’s travel needs. Future developments will see the acknowledgement, on the part of the most important international carriers, of the leadership of AlpiEagles at Venice airport, laying the basis for international networks and frequent flyer programmes.

Season flights: Olbia.

Domestic flights: Cagliari, Catania, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Venice, Verona.

International flights: Athens, Barcelona, Chania, Heraklion, Mikonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Thessaloniki.

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