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Air Polonia Facts


Air Polonia Sp. z o.o.
al. Krakowska 106,
PL 02-256 Warszawa
Infoline: +48 (22) 575 00 00, Telephone: +48 (22) 3320801
Fax: +48 (22) 3320960

Billigflieger aus Polen

Bases : Warsaw, Katowice

The history of Air Polonia dates back to 2001 when the Polish Aviation Authorities granted Air Polonia an Air Operator Certificate. Ever since Air Polonia has been providing various services such as cargo transport or aviation training.

On 1st April, 2003 at 9:10 a.m. the first Air Polonia Boeing 737-400 took off into the air. This marked the beginning of a new service - charter passenger flights

In answer to the demand of the rapidly growing market, Air polonia Podazajac za dynamicznie rozwijajacym sie rynkiem, Air Polonia became the firs Polish airline to supplement its offer with a new product - regular low-cost passenger flights low cost.

Air Polonia owns two Boeing 737-400 aircraft. The Boeing 737-400 is the world's most popular jet airliner. it is equipped with two CFM-56 turbofan engines which reach 23 500 lbs of thrust. With a full payload (16 800 kg) it requires 2100m of runway to take off. The range with this type of payload is about 3500 km. The powerful engines enables safe take-offs without the need to reduce the payload even if the outside air temperature is high. The aircraft has 3 galleys which enable 2 full food and drink menu supplies to be taken on board. It is equipped with its own stairs which provide the full capability of autonomous loading and unloading. Air Polonia aircraft, equipped with 168 passenger seats each, are among the newest in Poland.

The key element of Air Polonia's strategy is to minimize all costs connected with aviation operations. Our goal is to provide our passengers with the basic service, i.e. a connecting flight between selected destinations. Many unnecessary services which you may regard as redundant and contributing to an increase in the price of tickets are excluded from our offer. All additional onboard services are available upon request but they are subject to extra charge

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