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Casella Postale 200,
21010 Malpensa Duemila,

Billigflieger aus Italien

Bases : Milano, Venezia

The Airline

Volare Group is a holding company created from the merger of AirEurope and Volare Airlines. On March 9th 2004 the Group has been recapitalised allowing new shareholders of reference to join the Group. Mr Giorgio Fossa took over the Presidency of Volare Group.
The capital increase of €80 millions shall allow Volare to furthermore develop its low-cost activity began in the first moths of 2003.
The Volare Group companies have different stories, since they were born and developed separately: even before their union they both represented important situations in the panorama of the Italian air transport.
AirEurope began to operate in Italy in 1989, mainly on tourist long-haul routes, to still-to-discover countries in the world that were not easy to reach at that time. In the last ten years it has introduced high-quality standards on board of charter flights (AirEurope was the first to introduce Business Class on chartered flights), operating with top-modern aircrafts, like Boeing 767-300 ER acquired in 1991 and prestigious Boeing 777-200 IGW and the last generation of Airbus 320 (to serve on national routes) in 1999. In 1997 AirEurope adds the new regular flights to the Charter services, inaugurating air links with Cuba, Mauritius and, in 1998, Jamaica. Between 1998 and 1999, SwissAir Group joins the AirEurope shareholding and, with the start of regular air operations through Italy (Milan-Naples, Bari, Catania, Palermo), AirEurope joins the Qualiflyer Group. A continuous evolution, then, achieved with the purpose to offer passengers the best in terms of aeronautical technology and service quality on board, which allowed AirEurope to consolidate its experience in this field, and that, after the joining with Volare Airlines, led great experience and professionalism into the group.

Volare Airlines was founded in Thiene (Vicenza) and inaugurated its activity on 3rd April 1998 with its first charter flight. Since then, it widened its air link network in a short time, joining all the main destinations in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin and, on the basis of the success achieved, Volare Airlines decided to further diversify its activity starting to operate regular flights, opening its first regular flight from Milan Orio Al Serio to Cagliari in 1999. Sardinia was the first region to be reached by the regular service of Volare Airlines, serving the airports of Cagliari, from Rome Fiumicino and Milan Orio Al Serio, Alghero from Milan, and Olbia from Milan, Venice and Verona, as well as increasing its flights on the routes already operated. Besides, since 2000, operating on all three Milanese airports of Malpensa, Linate and Orio Al Serio, Volare Airlines quickly widened its business and tripled its fleet. Volare Airlines operates with A320 and A321 Airbus aircrafts, that were joined in summer 2002 by four A330 Airbus to serve intercontinental routes, following the union with AirEurope under the management of Volare Group.

On 5th February 2003 Volareweb.com, the first Italian low-cost airline, was inaugurated, with the opening of its website and reservation center. Volareweb.com, brand of Volare Airlines, began operating on 30th March 2003 with A320 Airbus aircrafts mainly from the airports of Milan Malpensa and Orio Al Serio, Venice and Bari towards Italian and European destinations. The striking results achieved in the first months of activity led to convert all regular flights in Italy and Europe to a low-cost regime in late October 2003, widening the network with the addition of new routes.

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