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Air Scotland


Campbell House
215 West Campbell Street
Glasgow G2 4TT

Billigflieger aus Schottland

Bases : Edingburg, Glasgow, Newcstle

The Airline

Air Scotland project is the fruit of several years of careful planning and preparation to establish a Scottish airline.

Scotland is one of the few countries without a national carrier and Air Scotland aspires to fulfil this role by creating a totally Scottish carrier who will be fit to "Fly the Flag" of Scotland. It will be established as a "Low Cost" airline, which offers affordable air travel for both, the Scottish public and visitors to Scotland.

Air Scotland aims to promote inbound travel to Scotland, to promote Scottish products abroad and to encourage Scottish exports. As well as low cost airfares, Air Scotland will also offer Scottish companies and exporters low cost cargo services under Air Scotland Cargo.

Air Scotland plans to be "Totally Scottish" in every respect and to expand its routes and services in the next few years to represent Scotland in many countries around the world.

The project is not all about commercial benefits for the owners but also about Serving Scotland. Air Scotland plans to be an integral part of the Scottish community and economy. It plans to create jobs and income for Scotland and to promote the country everywhere it goes.

To operate an airline from the UK, an Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) and an Operating License are required from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Until Air Scotland obtains its Operating License in its own right, it will co-operate with other airlines that are fully licensed to operate the routes, which it intends to develop. As a first step towards establishing a Scottish airline, Air Scotland is co-operating with other European airlines who have the operational, technical and licensing responsibilities and Air Scotland carry out seat sales, ticketing, administration, customer services, marketing, etc.

Air Scotland current operation is the fruit of the joint efforts and co-operation between Air Scotland Limited, a Scottish company and Greece Airways, which is a Greek company registered in Athens and licensed by the Greek Civil Aviation Authority.

Air Scotland launched its services and started flying on the 29th of March 2003 in co-operation with other airlines like Electra Airlines and Air Holland who failed to deliver the service and the standard, which Air Scotland was aiming to deliver to its passengers. Air Scotland then teamed up with Greece Airways as its operating partner who is guaranteed to deliver what Air Scotland has aimed for in every way.

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