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Air Luxor
Address Av. da República, 26,
1050-192 Lisboa - Portugal
Phone (+351) 210 062 200, Fax (+351) 210 062 361

Billigflieger aus Portugal

Bases : Lisboa

Air Luxor is a private Portuguese airline company with a modern fleet that includes Airbus´ most technologically advanced models, the A320 (used for shorthaul flights) and the A330 (used for longhaul flights), with capacities that vary between 150 and 387 passengers.

Air Luxor stands today as an airline of reference in Europe, with a network made up of more than 40 routes, the majority of which are seasonal and others regular during the whole year. It offers regular flights to and from Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Porto Santo, Paris, Dublin, Brussels, London, Madrid, São Tomé and Guiné-Bissau. Its seasonal routes include Antigua, Athens, Barcelona, Belfast, Bournemouth, Bradford, Cancun, Cardiff, Chateauroux, Cork, Dakar, Dijon, Dubai, Fortaleza, Geneva, Glasgow, Humberside, Hurghada, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Le Havre, Limoges, Luton, Luxor, Maceió, Maldives, Monastir, Nantes, Natal, Newcastle, New York, Norwich, Palma de Mallorca, Phuket, Ponte-A-Pitre, Providence, Punta Cana, Shannon, Tenerife, Toulouse and Varadero. These routes are operated for Air Luxor Tours and for other important national and international travel operators.

In spite of its youth (it has been operating for 15 years now), Air Luxor has accumulated a significant amount of special certificates and awards. It is the first company in Europe and the fourth worldwide certified in ETOPS in the Airbus A320 and it received in 2002 the congratulations of the Airbus constructor for being 99.6% trustworthy (quality and security), which is above the world average. The company also received the Silver Medal for Merit in Tourism for 2002, attributed by the Portuguese Government, and the Friend of Thailand Award, offered for the first time to a Portuguese company by the Thai Tourist Office

Air Luxor´s growth has also been marked by a concern for the environment, once as it is one of the few airlines in Europe and the only one in Portugal to equip its new Airbus airplanes with "environment friendly" engines, substantially more expensive than conventional engines, but that reduce by approximately 40% the release of polluting agents. The average age of its fleet is 4 years, one of the youngest in the world.

Founded in 1988, Air Luxor began its activities in the area of executive transportation, later commercial aviation. Presently, its main activity is passenger and cargo air transportation.

Air Luxor is a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association).

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